Mixed starter platter feeds three people



Samosa and falafel with chicken, pineapple & avacado on a bed of salad    

Additional portions (per person)



Maraq (Soup)



Soup of the day served with bread    

Gambar & Ansalato (Ocean Prawns)



Ocean prawns on a bed of crispy salad and dressing    

Gambar & Afakaado (Hot king prawns & avacado)



Hot king prawns & avacado salad    

Digaag & Afakaado (Avacado chiken)



Special marinated chicken served with avacado salad    

Sambuus (Sambusa)



Mildly spicy Somali sambusa on a bed of crispy salad with chilli dip    

Digaag & Ananaas (Pineapple chicken)



Sizzling hot chicken served with pineapple & mixed leaves salad    

Farmajo Ari (Goats Cheese)



Hearty salad served with warm goat's cheese & sweet chilli sauce    

Baradho & Farmajo (Crispy cheese)



Crispy cheese & potato roll bedded on salad leaves    

Bajiye & Digaag (Somali falafel with chicken)



Somali falafel & chicken bedded on salad leaves    

Bataati & Digaag (Sweet potatoe & chicken)



Sweet potatoes, chicken, salad leaves & chilli dressing